UPCIColorLogoWelcome to the UPCPhil’s.net website! We are so glad you’ve visited our site.. We are a Philippine nationwide Oneness Apostolic movement with more than 2,500 local churches and preaching points. Also, every UPC Philippines local church is part of a network of more than 40,000 churches in over 200 nations helping to spread the whole Gospel to the whole world by the whole church.

This website was created for the primary purpose of providing location information about UPC Philippines local churches. There are three ways to benefit from this site. You can use the top menu to locate churches by each respective district. The “Locate a UPC Church” box at the upper right side of each page will aid you in finding pastors and local churches through their respective provinces. We found it more user friendly to create a separate search box dedicated to Metro Manila cities as churches in these areas are too numerous for a single search result. Lastly, you can input a pastor’s name or a town or city name on the “directly search our database” feature and hit “enter” on your keyboard to get search results for the parameters you have provided.

Please do understand that our database is dependent on information provided by the UPC (Phil’s) Headquarters Office which is dependent on updates provided by each individual minister and local church. If by chance you feel that any information is not currently correct, please use the CONTACT US page on the right part of the top most menu to notify us and we’ll be glad to update it after further confirmations through different channels.